Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tribe and 3rd Base: The Gas Face Response

The simple mention by Terry Pluto in his Sunday column on clecom about possibly having Jason Donald move over to 3rd base has brought out the blogosphere equivalent of the Gas Face.  The article touches the different options available to the Tribe detailed in brief below:

  • Lonnie Chisenhall - they want the 22-year-old to have some experience at Class AAA Columbus.
  • Cord Phelps - While he was not terrible at third, it also was clear this was a new position for him.
  • Jared Goedert (Joe Dirt) - the problem is 18 errors in 68 games at Columbus.
  • Jayson Nix - Pluto simply states - was a disaster there.

Now, these internal options leave guys like Adam Everett and Luis Valbuena to battle for utility infielder role and put Jason Donald at 3b out of necessity (insert gas face here).  But,   I offer another solution that should get more discussion and less Gas-Ex moments.


We are approaching a situation similar to what the Tribe faced  in 1992.  That problem was that there was no real option at a position leaving spring training.  It wasn't until March 28, 1992 that the Indians solved  their first base problem by acquiring Paul Sorrento from the Minnesota Twins for right handed pitchers Curt Leskanic and  Oscar Munoz.  Paul Sorrento was immediately plugged into the first base position, playing 121 games there.

It is very possible, given the gas face response, when mentioning the current candidates to be stop gap 3b, that the Indians will look around MLB during spring training and fine an adequate stop gap that will allow a Lonnie Chisenhall time to develop in AAA, will allow Jason Nix/Luis Valbuena to handle responsibilities of 2b until Jason Kipinis is ready, and to allow Jason Donald to fill the utility role. Some names to keep an eye on would be Wilson Betemit, Brandon Wood, Alex Gordon, Craig Counsell, and former Indian Jamey Carroll. 

UPDATE: Pete Nash formerly Prime Minister Pete Nice is a Baseball Junkie:





  1. Here's more on PETER J. NASH: According to these articles he has pleaded the Fifth when asked about the authenticity and provenance of his memorabilia items, and he has admitted to fraud.

    Check these many links out about Nash, his legal woes, and activities well documented by the legal system and journalists:

    Yet ANOTHER lawsuit against Peter Nash, involving allegations of fraud, fake items, using items that don’t belong to him to borrow money, even threats of broken legs, etc:

  2. Thanks Henry. I just got done doing the blog search and was thinking "DAMN, What a Fraud".

    Most of the articles I found ended around the guy in Jail? Did the Fed Investingation end with an indictment?

    There is a definite story here. Your links are much appreciated.