Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gary Sheffield Gets Punked

The headline on mlive.com had the message from Gary Sheffield in large font across the top:

Tigers' Sheffield: I won't be disrespected

If ever a picture was worth a thousand words it is the picture captured just below the headline:

What had occurred in the game to set things off? 
  • Shin-Soo Choo puts the Tribe up 1-0 with an opposite field home run in the first (video)
  • Miguel Cabrera would hit a 2-run home run to put Detroit up 2-1 in the fourth (video)
  • Grady Sizemore would hit a solo home run in the sixth to tie the score at 2-2 (video)
  • Miguel Cabrera would hit a mammoth 2-run homer to give the Tigers a 4-2 lead (video)
If you were to watch the video of either of Miguel Cabrera's home runs, you can see for yourself that he doesn't show Carmona up in any way nor does Carmona show an emotion toward Cabrera.  Two batters later Carmona would hit Sheffield.  Like a little girl he'd carry his bat with him down to first base while Victor played peace maker.  Carmona would throw over to first and Sheffield started to bark something back at Carmona.  A stunned Micheal Aubrey could only watch as Sheffield took off to absorb his beating.  Even Robin Ventura called to give Sheffield some tips for the next time he decided to charge a pitcher.

Aside from the fight, the game highlighted by four home runs already, once resumed would have an exciting finish.   The Tigers would add another run in the seventh on a leadoff triple by Ramon Santiago and a sacrifice fly by Dusty Ryan and take a 5-2 lead into the bottom of the eighth inning.  Shin-Soo Choo would hit a game tying 3-run home in the bottom of the 8th to tie the game at 5-5 (video).

Rafael Bettancourt and Rafael Perez would retire the Tigers in order sending the game to the bottom of the ninth.  The Indians were looking for baserunners and Kelly Shoppach would capitalize on one of his best skills by taking a pitch delivered by reliever Freddi Dolsi (Kelly Shoppach did not charge the mound). Josh Barfield would pinch run for Shoppach and the Tigers would bring in Bobby Seay to face Travis Hafner.  Seay would strike Hafner out and would be replaced by Gary Glover.  Ryan Garko would pinch hit for Micheal Aubrey and line a single to right field and Josh Barfield would move to third.   Jamey Carroll would line a single over the head of Magglio Ordonez to drive in the winning run (video).

Some of the post-game quotes:

Sheffield on why he charged the mound:  "When he (Carmona) called me out, it took me there,"

Sheffield on Asdrubal Cabrera - "He's going to have to deal with me,"  "trust me."

Sheffield on if he landed any punches on Carmona - "I got the one hand in I wanted, and I guarantee you he felt it."

"You don't want to promote violence because of the kids watching," Sheffield said. "But I am not going to be disrespected on the field by this team again."

Sheffield suffering from fuzzy math?  He said Carmona had hit him with pitches twice previously this year and noted that it was "three strikes and out." Records show Carmona hit him one other time, April 17.
"If there's a fourth time," Sheffield said, "it gets more violent. Trust me."

Victor Martinez on the girlish behavior of Gary Sheffield:

"If you're going to do something, you charge right away," Martinez said. "After you're at first, what are you trying to do, get attention or what?
"You've got to protect your teammates. I'm not going to let anyone go at my pitcher like that."

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