Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tribe Starting Pitching Development:1990-1993

As the Indians continue through the dreaded rebuild cycle, the team will inevitably give an opportunity to some of their young arms, acquire arms from other organizations, and bring in a host of experienced guys. Some will be longer in the tooth than others, some more toolsy, and some with what pitching coaches would phrase as good "stuff".

This same process has been repeated from around 1990-1993, 2002-2004, and 2006-2010.  The data provided here looks at the starting pitchers and the first 10 starts for the younger group of Tribe pitchers during the year 1990-1993. 

The Tribe would compile a record of 286-362 during the years of 1990-1993, including a dismal 105 loss season in 1991.  They would use 13 different starters would be utilized in 1990, 14 in 1991, 13 in 1991, and 18 in 1993.  The 18 starters used by the Tribe in 1993 is the 4th most starters used in baseball history.  The starting pitchers used by the Tribe, including the number of starts by each player are included in the tables below.

Several of these pitchers were called up from the Tribes minor league system.  These pitchers were the group  that the Tribe had hoped would take spots in the rotation and lay the foundation of the pitching staff, which along with the offensive machine the Tribe was building would be able to compete into the late 90's.  The table below shows the Tribe's young arms and how they fared in their first 10 major league starts.  Of course, only Charles Nagy filled the potential that the Tribe had hoped for.

The Tribe would turn to Jack Morris and Dennis Martinez to help fill the rotation in 1994 and would add Orel Hersheiser in 1995.  The 1995 squad would go to the World Series with a rotation of Dennis Martinez, Orel Hersheier, Charles Nagy, Chad Ogea, Mark Clark, and Ken Hill.  In two short years after using a staggerring 18 strarting pitchers to get through the season, the Tribe was able to make it the World Series. 

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