Monday, August 6, 2012

Judge The Indians By Their Words - Not Mine

Instead of me opining about how disappointed I am in the organizational structure of the Indians (I'll do that on I'll allow their words to be put in print. The following is from Terry Pluto's book Dealing - The Cleveland Indians New Ballgame.

Start with the Cleveland Indians Vision Statement:

To build and sustain a championship caliber team that competes passionately, relentlessly, and professionally. And in the process, make a positive statement about its collective vision and core values.

Scouting Mission Statement:

To scout a passionate, relentless, and systematical manner in order to provide accurate evaluations to assist in procuring championship-caliber Cleveland Indians players.
Player Development Mission Statement:

To develop true professionals, each of whom reaches his full potential mentally, physically, and fundamentally through a systematic approach founded upon Cleveland Indians vision and values. 

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