Monday, June 4, 2012

Tribe Day Off - They Need It

The Indians have a day off to day and by Tuesday should have Carlos Santana back in the lineup and by Wednesday Johnny Damon back in LF. Hopefully the Indians will hold off on returning Carlos Santana to behind home plate and take advantage of the opening at Designated Hitter created by the Travis Hafner injury. 

The best move for the Indians to make is to send Matt LaPorta back to Columbus on Tuesday and activate Santana and stick him at DH. 

Then on Wednesday activate Johnny Damon and send Diaz to the minors. 

After 7-10 days with Santana splitting time at DH/1b the Indians could elect to send one of the catchers back to AAA and call up a useful player to help with the roster but by then we could be nearing the return of Jack Hannahan so the roster move may be an easy one.

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